At the heart of OAKKA lies an unwavering belief in transformation. From imagination to reality, a house to a home, a room to so much more. We have the ability to create cohesive spaces that evolve with you, allowing your house to not only be a home, but a projection of your imagination, dreams, and personality. We bring together the creative enterprise and eye for detail of an interior designer, balanced with the practical skills and precision of a project manager, and the immaculate handiwork of a carpenter, to deliver a uniquely qualified team of professionals to plan, design, and bring to life your perfect space. From small rooms, commercial designs, to complete home refurbishments, OAKKA embraces a singular, synchronised experience for all of your design needs.

Meet The Team

Em has a passion and eye for design. She works collaboratively with clients to gain a deep understanding of their wants and needs, finding a way to keep creativity and style at the forefront, without sacrificing practicality and comfort, to achieve the seamless marriage of form and function. In short, Em is a translator, patiently seeking out your vision, and creating a unique reality based solely on you.

With a background in graphic design and 22 years’ experience in project management and carpentry supporting his craftsmanship, Matt brings an enduring innovation to OAKKA. Specialising in fitted cupboards, bespoke kitchens, and customised items of furniture, Matt’s finely tuned skills turn your vision into your reality. Matt provides the professionalism and know-how to find the equilibrium between creativity, practicality, and technicality.